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Sachs & Associates provides your company with a global network of experts to create IT strategy customized to your needs. We take an in-depth look at your goals to provide the best solutions. Our extensive catalogue of products and services cover everything from day-to-day operations to long-term marketing strategies. We create close relationships with clients and take them through every stage of the planning and implementation process. We follow through to ensure satisfaction.

IT Solutions
We offer efficient, innovative and cost-effective information technology solutions. Our products are designed to make life easier. We know the importance of solutions that saves time, money and headaches. From data storage solutions to virus protection, Sachs and Associates offers the most effective products to streamline infrastructure.

Outsourcing CIO/CTO
By outsourcing your IT needs to Sachs & Associates, your business can run at peak performance without the added complexities of an in-house IT department. Our experts have years of experience managing IT resources and developing effective programs tailored to individual organizations. Sachs & Associates manages your system requirements proactively without adding extra expenses that cut into your bottom line.

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