We are a strategic business consulting firm.

Greg Sachs, CEO

As president and CEO of Sachs & Associates, Greg has an extensive background in finance, information technology, and financial modeling.With more than two decades of success in financial services, business operations and IT, Greg has devised customized strategies for businesses and organizations in a vast range of fields. 

Prior to forming Sachs & Associates, Greg honed his expertise as Vice President of Strategic Planning at Imperial Bank in Los Angeles. Greg designed and implemented the information infrastructure of several business units, resulting in a multi-million dollar network that was completed under budget and on time.

Outsource Your IT Requirements

Leave the problem solving to us. At Sachs & Associates, we are committed to creating unique IT infrastructure solutions so your business succeeds.


In addition, we offer software and services which support operations, and promote your business. Your company has the power to grow with more streamlined information technology at its core. 

Strategy And Solutions

Currently Sachs & Associates develops IT strategies and solutions for dozens of clients who rely on the firm's expertise to oversee part or all of their IT requirements.


A commitment to innovative ideas and customer service is the cornerstone of the firm. 


Sachs & Associates has recruited experts in the fields of technology, banking, programming, operations, design and marketing to create a full service consulting firm with a vast pool of knowledge. 

The firm's goal is to offer premier products and services, hands-on support, and effective strategies to give business the leading edge.